We stock a comprehensive range of equipment and parts for pools and spas.

Summerland Pools offer a wide range of pool equipment Brands.  Our aim is to meet our customers requirements without pushing them to a preferred brand.  We offer equipment from Waterco, Evolution, Astral, Onga and many more.  If you have a preference, just let us know and we will track it down and arrange a quote for you.

We have plenty of PVC pipe and fittings, glue and primer for any pool pluming job you have in mind, or you can arrange for us to do the hard work for you.

We stock a large range of vacuum plates, skimmer and pump baskets in stock.  We would suggest you bring your old item with you to make matching it easier.



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Pool Cleaners

Rebel – Suction cleaner

The Rebel pool cleaner will help make your life easier.  With programmed steering it manoeuvres from deep to shallow water, up walls all the way to the water line and into tight spaces.  The turbine design allows dirt and debris to pass easily through the Rebel cleaner, and if it does get clogged, it is very easy to remove the blockage and restart the cleaner. Works with all pool types – concrete, vinyl, fiberglass and tile pools

Dolphin – Robotic cleaner

Nobody knows robotic cleaners like Maytronics. With 30 years’ experience, they have been developing robotic cleaning solutions for all swimming pools.

The Dolphin X series robots are designed to do all the hard work – providing incredible cleaning performance and efficiency. With multi-layer filtration options with fine and ultra-fine dirt capture, active brush rotating twice the speed of the robot, complete coverage of all pool surfaces this self-learning robot adapts to the pool shape and surface for optimal cleaning results.


Evolution chlorinator

The Evochlor series of chlorinators are wholly developed and manufactured in Australia.  With proven reliability, salt and mineral compatibility and a low salt operation of 3500 to 4500ppm these chlorinators will make care of your pool easy.  They have a bright LED display, external reset button and 10% incremental adjustable chlorine output.  With a full 3 year warranty on the power pack and cell, you can’t go wrong with and Evochlor.

Pool Pro Chlorinator

Australian made heavy duty chlorinator.  Low salt – only 3000-3500ppm required making it the perfect choice for above ground and vinyl pools.  These are available in standard and self cleaning models.

Astral E Series chlorinator

The E series chlorinator has a digital screen providing ease of use.  They are Australian made,  have a reverse polarity (self cleaning) cell and are available in both 25g and 35g models.


Waterco Pumps

Evoflow Tuff Series pumps are ideal for large domestic swimming pools with ancillary systems such as heating, in floor cleaning, fountains and suction cleaners.  Tuff series pumps have been designed for optimal hydraulic performance and are built to the highest quality standards.

Onga Pumps

Everyone knows the Onga brand.  On our shelves, we have the Onga Pantera pumps. A well-known pump with many years history to back them up.

Astral E series pumps

Astral is a well-known Australian company and their pumps and equipment are robust and reliable.  Available in .50hp .75hp and 1hp the E-series pumps are a robust, good value pump.


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Aqua Sphere

Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Aqua Sphere

Pool Cleaner by Zodiac

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Dolphin X30

Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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Rebel Pool Cleaner

Two wheel pool cleaner

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Byron Bay Swimming Pool - salt chlorinator

E Series Salt Chlorinator

Self cleaning, low maintenance chlorinator

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Waterco Pool Pumps

Waterco Pool Pumps

A range of pool pumps

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Electro Head

Waterco heat pumps

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Inline electric spa heaters

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We stock a comprehensive range of equipment and parts for pools and spas.




If you are looking for any of the following (and more) drop in at the shop in Alstonville or give us a call.

Pool and solar pumps
Salt and mineral chlorinator
Suction pool cleaner
Robotic pool cleaner
Spa vacuum
Sand filter
Cartridge filter
Spare parts

Filter cartridges
Pool cleaner parts
Pump baskets
Skimmer baskets
Vacuum plates
Pump lids
PVC fittings and pipe

Vacuum head
CPR sign
Extension poles – various sizes
Spa parts
Gate hinges and latches
And so much more….