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Pool repairs & warranty in Northern Rivers


Our repairs & warranty

If you’re having an issue with your pool’s system, we at Summerland Pools are here to help. Our trained team will assess and diagnose the issue, then discuss with you the best method to getting your pool repaired.

Pool Equipment Repairs

Our mobile team will arrive ready to perform the needed repairs. Occasionally, however, there are times it might not be possible. If that happens, we’ll provide a temporary replacement to keep your pool operational while repairs to your part are ... Read more

Pump & Chlorinator Repairs

Pumps and chlorinators are vital to ensuring the health and safety of your swimming pool. If you’re experiencing issues like constant leaks, low filter pressure readings, or if it’s more than 12 years old, a repair might be needed. Our team can help identify the issue ... Read more

Spa Repairs

Whether your spa is integrated with your pool or a standalone design, our experienced team can get it working again. Spas have specific needs and we carry a full range of products to keep it running at its best. From clogged filters to weak jets, our friendly team will ... Read more