Solar Heating And Heat Pumps Northern Rivers




We supply a range of heating options for your pool.

Living in the Northern Rivers comes with many advantages. One of which is our beautiful weather and extended summers. To make the most of this we offer a range of heating options tailored to our unique climate.


Solar Heating




Installing solar heating to your pool can extend your swimming season up to 4 months.

The Sunlover Heating business has been built over more than 20 years on its commitment to quality products and services. They source the best suppliers and work with their research and development teams. Their suppliers manufacture to the highest industry standards using the best materials

Rigid Solar Heating

Other panels can cool rapidly during windy conditions because the individual flow tubes aren’t insulated by each other. Sunlover Heating Rigid tubes are connected for insulation so that they stay warm longer. This patented design also allows our panels to withstand freezing conditions better than collector with round flow tubes that cannot expand or change shape.

Strip Solar Heating

Pool water temperatures naturally vary from north to south, from season to season, and even from early morning to night. Throughout the year Sunlover solar heating is effective in heating your pool. Solar heating is a simple and effective way to heat your pool and with a solar controller you can achieve great control of your pool temperature.

Black is the most efficient colour for heat collectors. But if your solar absorber must be placed on part of the roof that is highly visible, you can choose an absorber colour to blend with your roof colour. The difference in heat absorption between colours is not significant, so you do not need to detract from the appearance of your property to add value to your swimming pool. Available in black. grey, green and terracotta.

Sunlover Heating solar systems are easy to operate. With a range of electronic controllers featuring easy to follow digital readouts, you can set your desired water temperature and operating times and forget it.  The sophisticated Sunlover Heating digital controllers are reliable, Australian made and serviced and are available with optional wireless remote controls.

Heat Pumps




Heat pumps gather heat from the air drawn into the unit. This makes them a very energy efficient means of heating your pool. For example, if a heat pump consumes 2kw of energy it may produce 6 to 10kw of heat energy.

Heat pumps can be used to either extend your swimming season by a few months either end, or heating your pool all year round.

We offer a variety of brands of heat pump, to make sure we can provide the one most suited to your needs. Please contact to arrange an inspections and quote.




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