A few tips to help keep your spa clean and enjoyable, ready when you get home from work to relax in with that glass of wine or cold beer.

1. Clean your filters – your filters need to be hosed clean each week and need to be soaked in a filter cleaner every couple of weeks, depending upon how often you use your spa.

2. Have you balanced your water. Your alkalinity and pH may be out. Use test strips to check your water balance or take a sample to your local pool shop.

3. Have you shocked your water. You need to add spa shock to your spa either every 3 uses or once a week (whichever comes first). Even if the spa has not been used it will still need a dose of spa shock to oxidise the organic matter that builds up.

4. Are you following the chemical manufacturers guidelines. Underdosing with sanitiser can cause cloudiness and unhealthy water.

If you have any questions, drop by our shop in Alstonville with a sample and we will be happy to assist.

Spa Water Cloudy — Pool Maintenance Experts in Alstoneville, NSW