For all the people with Rebel pool cleaners – whether they are the blue, black or white ones. Please check the suction every couple of months, particularly after you have cleaned your filters. If the suction is too high, they can wear out the gears. This is covered by warranty, but it is better to keep it under control.

When you purchased your cleaner, it would have come with a clear plastic valve for checking the suction. When the pump is off, remove the cleaner head from the hoses (while holding the hoses under water) then put the valve in the hose end – leave the other end plugged into your vacuum plate as usual. Drop the hose into the pool and turn the pump on. Scoop up the hose again and check the valve. Make sure the white plate inside is in between the Min/Max lines on the valve. If it isn’t, tighten or loosen the flow valve in the suction plate to adjust the suction until it is correct. Drop the hose back in the pool again and turn the pump off. You can then reconnect the cleaner head and you are right to go. If you have any problems, please contact your local pool shop for assistance.

Making sure the suction is right will go help your cleaner stay healthy for a long time.