Cleaning your salt chlorinator cell

Even self-cleaning (reverse polarity) cells need cleaning occasionally.

  1. Make a cleaning mixture of 1 Hydrochloric Acid to 10 parts water (always add Water first then the Hydrochloric acid to the water).
  2. Turn the equipment off at the power point.
  3. Remove Salt Cell from the housing.
  4. Add the Salt Cell to the acid/water mix making sure the water does not touch the cell terminals.
  5. Depending upon how clogged up the cell is, wait 1 to 10 minutes for the Salt Cell to be cleaned.
  6. If any parts of calcium are stuck or will not dissolve, carefully remove them with a smooth plastic instrument. Do not use metal to scrape the cell.
  7. Once the Salt Cell is clean, rinse with fresh water and reinstall.
  8. Turn system back to automatic setting or timer.
  9. Dispose of cleaning mixture. If it is not too dirty you could pour it into the pool.
Warning: Follow safety instructions provided with the hydrochloric acid or cleaning solution. When handling hydrochloric acid, the use of eye protection, mask and gloves are highly recommended. Extreme caution should be taken whenever handling hydrochloric acid or cell cleaning solution.

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