Summerland Pools are the proud supplier of Maax Spas.

Summerland Pools are the proud supplier of Maax Spas for the Northern Rivers region. We sell, install and service spas to clients across the region including; Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Ballina, Alstonville, Lismore, Casino and Evans Head.

We provide a wide range of outdoor spas and swim spas to suit you desires. Our staff have been professionally trained to help you find the right spa for your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, or drop in to our shop in Alstonville to have a look at our display spas first hand.

Maax Spas




At Maax they pride themselves on quality and service that are second to none. The Maas Spa brand was established in 1999 in Melbourne, with the idea of creating a spa that was higher in quality and contained more features than its marketplace competitors. To this day, though many other things have changed, their goal is still the same. The team at Maax have over 25 years industry experience and just love creating world class spas and swim spas in their own factory that are shipped to over 30 different countries.

With a warranty that surpasses the market comparison and components from around the world, you are guaranteed to get the relaxation, entertainment or even work out solution that is perfect for you.

Uncompromised spas with everything included, Maax Spas are the very best spas on offer.  Maax Spas can only be described as pure indulgence. Made from the finest materials from around the world along with quality craftsmanship and the latest techn ology Maax Spas are a must in your backyard.

Featuring the new Nautilus Glow lighting, Ultra 03 (ozone/UV combination), Hydroboost Filtration, Aromatherapy, Thermolock Plus Insulation, Canadian Gecko controls with colour displays, water management programs, Wi-Fi ready and optional high quality sound systems your spa will take you to another world. Relax and enjoy the deep tissue massage seat or the overhanging neck massage. Various hydrotherapy options and the spaciously designed seating arrangements will have you drifting off into relaxation paradise.

Eliminate the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reclaim some peace and tranquillity in your own backyard with your very own Maax Spa today.

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M Series

Fun Size Indulgence

The M-series is compact and packed full of all the luxury you would expect in a Maax Spa. It’s no wonder our M-series spas are one of our most popular. With its unique design, style and compact size the M-series has all the features you want in the size you need without compromise.  The M-series allows for big spa hydrotherapy no matter what kind of space you’re working with or around.

Installing Pool Liners

M-450s  –  $9,900
5 seats, 3 pumps, 52 jets, 1 neck massage
2000 x 2000 x 950mm

Spa Pool Ballina

M-490s  –  $9,990
4 seats, 3 pumps, 40 jets
1980 x 1740 x 900mm

Spa Pool

M-500s  –  $9,900
6 seats, 3 pumps, 58 jets
2150 x 2150 x 950mm

Pool Cleaning1

M-510s  –  $9,990
6 seats, 3 pumps, 60 jets, 1 neck massage
2150 x 2150 x 950mm


M-630s  –  $9,990
6 seats, 3 pumps, 63 jets
1950 x 2300 x 900mm

X Series

Family time just got very interesting

Transform your outdoor living & entertaining area with a Maax Spa X-series. This series features models designed to give you the personal, entertaining and family time you’ve always wanted all in the one spa. Features such as the low maintenance Maax Spa signature Hydroboost filtration, spacious seating, waterfalls and exclusively designed hydrotherapy jet arrangements to enhance your relaxation experience. The Maax Spa X-series range is sure to complement any lifestyle. Spend more time relaxing by yourself, entertaining friends or enjoying family time.

Spa Sales1

X-660  –  $11,990
6 seats, 3 pumps, 66 jets, 2 neck massage
2355 x 2355 x 950mm

Spa Equipment

X-750  –  $11,990
5 seats, 3 pumps, 75 jets, 1 neck massage
2355 x 2355 x 950mm

Spa Northern Rivers

X-880  –  $11,990
7 seats, 3 pumps, 88 jets, 1 neck massage
2355 x 2355 x 950mm

X Series

A burger with the lot

Forget a holiday, your backyard can be your own oasis with an XS series Maax Spa. Holiday every day with the XS-series which all include dedicated spacious deep tissue massage seating, calming waterfalls along with hand, arm, foot and calf massage jets. Enjoy some quiet time or spend the time with family and friends re-connecting, whilst receiving the very best in Hydrotherapy, powerful, spacious, fully featured and most of all Fun!


XS-850  –  $12,990
6 seats, 4 pumps, 85 jets
2355 x 2355 x 950mm

Spa Ballina

XS-1000  –  $12,990
7 seats, 4 pumps, 100 jets, 2 neck massage
2355 x 2355 x 950mm

Buy Spa Pool

XS-950  –  $12,990
8 seats, 4 pumps, 95 jets
2965 x 2400 x 1050mm

Z Series

Everything the doctor ordered

Hydrotherapy is proven to revitalise body, mind and soul, help heal damaged muscular tissue and appease aches and pains. You can enjoy the end of every workday or workout in your own Maax Spa Z-series. Let the hot water and massaging Axiom jets soothe strained muscles and rebuild tissue, even after the most full on day. Recharge daily, just like the doctor ordered.


Z-1050  –  $15,990
10 seats, 5 pumps, 105 jets, 2 neck massage
3500 x 2300 x 980mm

Swim Spas

Indulgence with attitude

Maax Spas versatile swim spas use therapeutic Axiom hydrotherapy massage jets to provide an environment that is truly indulgent, spend time relaxing or connecting with friends and family in the spaciously designed seating. Once you’ve finished relaxing Maax Spa swim spas become a never-ending lap pool. Swimming against the high-powered swim jets is as easy as flicking a switch, then its up to you and which stroke you prefer. Turn down the jet strength and even the kids can use it to learn to swim better or just have fun. Alternatively you can exercise by doing resistance training against the high-pressure jets.

Elite Swim 4m

Elite Swim 4m – $20,990
10 seats, 4 pumps, 80 jets
3950 x 2500 x 1200mm

Elite Swim

Elite Swim 6m  –  $27,990
10 seats, 4 pumps, 80 jets
5800 x 2300 x 1330mm

Dual Zones

The whole kit and caboodle

If your looking for a pool and a spa combination in your backyard, the Maax Spa Dual Zone has the all. With a swim spa one end and a spa on the other, this multi purpose unit offers the ultimate in relaxation and exercise. Bathe in the warm spa end kitted out with the amazing hydrotherapy jets or alternatively exercise or chill out in the spacious swim spa end. Featuring 95+ jets and separate controlled temperature environments. Set a low temperature in the exercise area for swimming or exercise and set the spa end to 38 degrees for unsurpassed family fun and relaxation. It’s the ultimate combination of exercise and pleasure. The world is your oyster in the Maax Spa Dual Zone.

Spa Equipment1

Dual Zone 6m  –  $32,990
10 seats, 7 pumps, 95 jets, 1 neck massage
5800 x 2300 x 1330mm

Spa Sales Lismore

Dual Zone 8m  –  $34,990
10 seats, 7 pumps, 95 jets, 1 neck massage
7950 x 2310 x 1330mm

Jadan Spas

The Jadan Spa brand was established in 2001 in Perth, WA, with a view to create a cost effective budget driven spa with all the features and benefits that rival its competitors. Maax Australia purchased the Jadan Spas brand in 2012 expanding its product range to 40 plus styles and designs to choose from – giving you the ultimate spa experience.

Jumping into a Jadan does not mean compromise, being produced in the same factory as Maax Spas gives it real street cred. Using the same or similar components with a few less bells and whistles.

This is your chance to have a spa in your backyard that does not cost the earth yet has all the features and benefits you see in most spas today. Aromatherapy in most models, Axiom Hydrotherapy, large LED and perimeter lighting. Canadian Gecko controllers and 03 Pure Sanitisation. You will love jumping into a Jadan Spa.

L Series

Pocket rockets

After a busy day, surround yourself in the heated hydrotherapy luxury of a Jadam Spas L-Series. Loosen tense muscles from neck to toe in one of these little price focused beauties.


L-160  –  $5,990
4 seats, 2 pumps, 16 jets
1930 x 1500 x 890mm

Pool Services

L-260  –  $5,990
2 seats, 2 pumps, 26 jets
2045 x 1500 x 850mm


L-320  –  $6,990
5 seats, 2 pumps, 32 jets
1945 x 1950 x 800mm

Spa Pool Equipment

L-330  –  $6,990
5 seats, 2 pumps, 33 jets
1930 x 1930 x 900mm


L-350  –  $6,990
5 seats, 2 pumps, 35 jets, 1 neck massage
1930 x 1930 x 900mm

Summerland Pools

L-390  –  $6,990
6 seats, 2 pumps, 39 jets
2000 Dia x 955mm

Spa Services

L-400  –  $7,990
8 seats, 2 pumps, 40 jets
2400 x 2400 x 910mm

Spas L-Series

L-410  –  $7,990
5 seats, 2 pumps, 41 jets
2000 x 2000 x 850mm


L-440  –  $7,990
4 seats, 2 pumps, 44 jets
2150 x 1600 x 900mm

Pool Northern Rivers

L-490  –  $7,990
4 seats, 2 pumps, 49 jets
2280 x 2250 x 900mm


L-500  –  $7,990
6 seats, 2 pumps, 50 jets
2025 x 2330 x 900mm


L-540  –  $7,990
6 seats, 2 pumps, 54 jets
2250 x 2220 x 900mm


L-60  –  $5,990
4 seats, 2 pumps, 6 jets
1930 x 1500 x 890mm

Plunge Pool Swim

L-30  –  $17,990
Plunge pool, 2 pumps, 30 jets
4900 x 2300 x 1450

R Series

Big features

Find time for yourself and send your worries away to another place as you relax in your very own Jadan Spas R-Series. Enjoy with your family or friends in comfortable and peaceful surrounds or party until the early morning. These spas have big features but are priced with your budget in mind.

Spas and Swim

R-530  –  $8,990
5 seats, 3 pumps, 53 jets, 1 neck massage
1930 x 1930 x 900mm

Neck Massage

R-550  –  $8,990
5 seats, 3 pumps, 55 jets, 1 neck massage
1930 x 1930 x 900mm


R-600  –  $9,990
8 seats, 3 pumps, 60 jets
2400 x 2400 x 910mm


R-720  –  $8,990
6 seats, 3 pumps, 72 jets
2025 x 2330 x 900mm


R-740  –  $8,990
6 seats, 3 pumps, 74 jets
2280 x 2250 x 900mm


R-880  –  $8,990
6 seats, 3 pumps, 88 jets
2200 x 2250 x 870mm